Scout not synced for advancement

We have a wolf scout who has been with us since he was a lion. on Scoutbook his BSA ID # was put in his moms account when the council created the accounts. I finally got through by phone to member support and they fixed it and everything has been fine. fast forward 2 years…his bsa id # dissappeared from scoutbbok with the message he wasnt matched to a scout on our official roster. called the council, they talked to natl. and that is now fixed. scoutbook still says he isnt matched with a scout on our roster and he isnt set up for internet sync. theres a note saying that a key 3 can do the sync from the scouts profile page, and i cant find the button to click. any thoughts?

@AshleyEaster go to Scouts profile > membership > have admin unapprove > Save > then reapprove

thank you so much!! it looks like that worked!

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