Scouts on my.scouting roster but not ScoutBook

I have two scouts (one girl, one boy) that show correctly on rosters for my Troops but they do not appear in ScoutBook. They have dual membership with another troop in another Council (members in OKC and also Houston) and I’m not sure if the Houston troops are having any problems. Any suggestions on how to get these youth to appear as intended in the ScoutBook rosters for both sets of Troops?

Well if in 2 councils at once there is no way to be in both units, unless there are 2 different and unconnected SB Users. An SB User can only have one BSA #. You can add membership in second unit in SB but it will clear every 60 days cause they are not on my.scouting roster with the correct BSA #

Best thing to do is pick a Troop and stick with it - that troop CAN add a leader from other troop to its Scoutbook roster

That’s what I suspected. The family lives in OKC (primary membership for advancement) but will also spend part of summer with Houston troop which is why they are in both councils. I will recommend they drop the youth membership in the Houston area and keep an adult membership so they can remain in the communication loop.

Appreciate the guidance.

If the Adult is a Registered Adult leader in OKC - you can add then to Houston troop in Scoutbook no issue

Interestingly, the family involved tells me when they first moved from OKC to Houston they were able to appear in ScoutBook for both Councils. This problem has only come up since they have moved back to OKC.

Nothing in Scoutbook has changed - they might have been in the 60 day grace period

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