Strange invitation?

Why is a parent getting this email instead of their login credentials when I invite them? Logo

Hi Vandana,

Helen Hsiu is using Scoutbook to track Pranav Adya’s advancement in Scouting.

Helen would like to share Pranav’s records with you on Scoutbook.

It sorta looks like the parent may already have a Scoutbook account associated with that email address, unless the invitation email text was changed recently. I don’t recall what the “connect to existing account” text looked like before.

Did you create the parent account, or were you able to look them up by email address in the database?

I found the record by looking it up. The scout’s record says she’s not connected to her son yet though, says pending.

OK. That seems like the the text makes sense, then. The invitation is for the parent to connect her account to the scout’s record, not to connect to her account. So, rather than inviting her to join/connect to Scoutbook, the invitation is to connect to the record for Scout X, who in this case happens to be her child.

ETA: Based on a parallel thread, is it possible that if the parent tried logging into their Scoutbook account they would see a pending connection pop-up there? I’m wondering if there’s a new process that’s not documented yet.

But she doesn’t know her login credentials or maybe doesn’t remember. How can she get it? And how can she connect to her son’s?


She should be able to get in by going to, typing in her email address at which she received the invitation, then hitting the Forgot Password button. That should fire a new temporary password so she can login and set a password.

I haven’t seen this new message yet, so I’m not sure what it would look like to the adult once they log in. I’m guessing that they may see an invitation to connect in their dashboard.

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