Scout Parent email is incorrect--has two accounts?

Hello! The Scout Book account of the mom of one of the Scouts of Troop 153 is incorrect. I don’t want to put her email on this public forum–not sure how to let you know about it. Anyway, when I go into her profile to change the address, Scout Book reports that another account already exists under that email. Can you help? Thank you so much!


Post the BSA # or Scoutbook User ID - both are under Edit Profile @MichelleBlake

The mom’s BSA ID# is 136637445. Her user ID is 10902597. The email correction is simply that her last name needs to be spelled correctly in the email address, if that makes sense. Thank you!

it is fixed @MichelleBlake but not sure I can fix the username as it is mispelled email. But she has never logged in either

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