Scout Profile Editing Changed

In the past, parents logged into Scoutbook could click on their Scout’s name and then select Edit Profile. This brought them to a page on Scoutbook where they - and only they - could add the youth’s email address and invite him/her to connect on Scoutbook. Scoutbook would then email the Scout so s/he could create a password.

Why did that change? And how can parents get their kids on Scoutbook?
Today, Edit Profile leads a parent to Internet Advancement. My own sons have been in Scoutbook for a few years with their own emails that I entered onto their profiles. But, when I was brought to Internet Advancement to troubleshoot this issue for a new parent/Scout, I noticed my sons’ “Primary Email” listed on Internet Advancement was mine/my husband’s. Luckily they are sending/receiving Scoutbook messages just as before.

But how do I help new Scouts (and their parents) get connected on Scoutbook? This was not an issue 2 months ago when some of our newly bridged Scouts’ parents set them up.

Thanks much for your help.


It is now under edit extension information

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