Connecting scouts to their own Scoutbook profile

The online directions for connecting a scout to their own profile say that a parent should log in and …
The parent can then login to Scoutbook and edit the Extended Information for their Scout and click the option at the bottom of the page to allow their Scout to connect to their own account. The Scout will need their own email account. A temporary password will be sent to them.

However, the edit extended information button gives the following


The edit profile button redirects to the internet advancement profile. It seems the directions are out of date. How does a parent give their scout access to their own profile taking into account these changes?

What is the Scouts BSA #? @CasandraCartagena

Currently looking at BSA 135369590 but also many parents asking how to do this so if there is a way for them to do it independently let me know.

Only the parents can do it. It’s not something that the registered leaders can do at all. We never see the “Invite to Connect” button except for our own scouts (and then only if they aren’t already connected).

well this particular scout is mine so I should see the button but don’t. Also, I am trying to get clear directions to relay to the parents in the unit.

135369590 already has a log in - it is (firstname)(secondhalfoflastname) - same as the log in

She tried that and received an error that no scoutbook account was associated with that login.

her my.scouting user name is [firstinitial[[full last name]. Maybe the two are not synced. She can log into my.scouting but not scoutbook. She tried to reset her password for scoutbook and it redirects her to my.scouting where she is already logged in. Seems there is a disconnect.

They are matched - I just rematched them up

@CharleyHamilton so the directions online are correct? Parents log in and go to extended information? What if the parent logs in an doesn’t have a parent connection to their scout? Can they fix that on their own or do we need to come here for help?

@DonovanMcNeil Thank you. I will have her try again.

Its fixed. But I have a bunch of scouts trying to get connections so I will probably be back.

The directions online are correct, or at least they were as of a few weeks ago when I last walked a parent in our troop through it.

Whether the parent can fix the parent/scout connection problem depends a bit on where the issue exists. With the scout’s name, BSA ID and DOB, the parent can create a connection in Scoutbook. I was just explaining how to do that in another thread here:

If the issue is related to the parent/scout connection in the BSA membership database, that has to be set by the registrar, or someone else with the registrar’s tools. I believe that has to be done in-council, rather than being able to be done by any of the volunteers on the boards here (at least not in general).

A lot of the complexities occur due to the creation of duplicate accounts, whether due to data entry error (e.g. spelling/DOB issues, use of nickname vs full name) or due to intentional action on the part of a user (e.g. like manual account creation by unit leaders, creation of a new account by the user due to changes in contact info or forgetting that an account already exists). There’s only so much “intelligence” embedded in the “intelligent system” that tries to catch new accounts that actually belong to people with existing accounts.


I ran the exact same problem with one of my scout too. Her BSA ID is 136171345, could you please help?
She tried “Forgot Password” button, input email address and DOB, but it shows no such record are found. I’ve tried send an email through Scoutbook to her email address and she received it, means her email address connected to the Scoutbook is correct. Please and thank you

136171345 has never been invited and has no account @YennyHasan

looks like the email came in from her registration - not sure where this leaves the account or if parents still see invite?

ah but Dad doesn’t have that extended information button in his account. What can he do at this point?

The extended info would be under the Scouts account - perhaps watch over the shoulder of dad to see

Thank you! I’ll double check. Can I assume as long as the Scout has never been invited or created a Scoutbook account, the parent is supposed to see that extended info under his youth’s account, correct?

they should see it no matter what - it is under all accounts even if empty. Just have never looked at a scout in this situation before. Otherwise they can make an account at for a log in

Myst Account Setup.pdf (223.2 KB)

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