Scout Profile Image Missing from Icons in Internet Advancement Roster

Two Cubs in my Pack are missing the blue scout silhouette from the icon next to their names in the roster in Internet Advancement (please see attached image).

When I hover over the icons that do contain the blue scout silhouette, the tool tip that pops up reads “Path_162”. When I hover over the two empty circle icons, the tool tip reads “Youth”.

How do I fix this?

@MarkYedlowski - I appear to have the same thing, but it doe snot seem to be impacting anything in IA or scoutbook.

@Stephen_Hornak - We’ve had at least one ScoutBook technical issue with both of those Cubs at some point in 2021. I only noticed the missing icon yesterday and have no idea how long it’s been absent. My concern is that the missing icon may indicate the technical issues may not be fully resolved, despite seemingly normal operation of ScoutBook with regards to both of those Cubs.

I’ve reported it to the developers for comment.

I noticed in our troop there is one Scout (no issues with him that I know of.) He does have a personal photo/icon in Scoutbook; not sure if that is relevant or not.

@MarkYedlowski what browser are you using? Do you have plugins or extensions on? Try incognito window

Screen Shot 2022-01-03 at 9.11.32 AM

If you are using Chrome, try incognito mode. I had the issue and the icons came in with incognito mode. So it is something in the cookies that is causing the issue. I can live with it without removing cookies (I hate doing that)

Standard Chrome:

Edge - incognito:


Chrome - incognito


@WilliamNelson - I think that’s the correlation; both of those Cubs have chosen to upload profile photos. And knowing the cause, I can live without it as well. I just wanted to make there was no correlation to the previous technical issues. Thanks!

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