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Long story short, my son is an individual scout due to a transfer issue. Today we logged into Scoutbook to see “program not available” in the application and his profile progress bar completely greyed out on the portal. This is very disappointing as we’ve had issues getting him into the right Council and Pack all year. Now two weeks until cross over and earning his Arrow of Light…this. Any recommendations?

When you say individual scout do you mean lone scout. The lone scout program is not supported in Scoutbook


@BrentBeadle It looks like your Scout has a current registration as a Webelos Scout with Pack 255 in Longhorn. Is he supposed to be registered with a different pack or council?

Yes Ma’am, we are with Pack 60, Alamo Council in Kerrville, TX. I’ve submitted hand written, faxed in hand written, and did the digital application to transfer my son.

That wasnt an issue until they froze the ability to update my sons account. This froze the ability to update his final AOL adventures priir to cross over.


I found your older son’s BSA Member ID in Alamo Area Council but there is no registration associated with it. Your younger son is registered in Pack 60 in Alamo Area Council. I recommend calling the Council.

I have updated his member ID in Scoutbook with the Alamo Area Council Member ID so that once you do get him registered in Pack 60, Scoutbook will be properly updated.

Thank you very much. I will call Council and ask the status of our registration.

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