Scout record erased in Scoutbook

Scout record erased in Scoutbook. This summer one of our Scouts staffed summer camp. For some reason, he was registered in a Crew. That created a second profile for him. We’ve had nothing but trouble with his Troop records. The latest issue is his Scoutbook records have been erased. Fortunately, National’s records are intact. The boy completes his Eagle Project this weekend. I’ve not been able to restore his SB record. It’s just this one Scout’s records. All the rest of the records are fine. ???

what is BSA # - sounds like a recharter issue

Are the Scout’s initials L.Y.?

It looks like it’s because LY has 2 BSA member numbers in 2 different councils.

One is with his troop (122516483), and the other is with the summer camp, where he was registered with a Venturing crew.

I’m just a little afraid right now. Please tell me you had Scout staffing Camp Shands?

Not sure when. Didn’t expect it. Scout RY staffed Bert Adams a couple of years back without a problem.

I sent you a private message.

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