Scout records locked out after turning 18 and now on Charter as a leader

We have an 18 year old Scout that has been with Troop 45 in the Pathway To Adventure Council (456) and made Eagle. He stayed with the Troop after making Eagle and even stayed to help after 18 and a Leader.

As a parent I can see his accomplishments in Scoutbook, but when I click on them they are gone.

The issue is - as an 18 year old, they are going to college and the college is asking for Service hours that they have done. This Scout has over 2000 service hours all logged into Scoutbook, but there is no way to print those out or get the data now that he is a leader. The change just happened January 2023.

Can anyone help with this?

On a side note, do those records have to blank out of they go to leader status? I would think you could keep those?

Please contact me for more info.

@NicholasCrnokrak - try the scout history report and since they are no longer a registered youth the record is not visible. So not a bug


The records have not been deleted, but since your son registered as an adult, they are no longer visible via Scoutbook. His service record should still be available via Scoutbook/Internet Advancement. He should log in to Scoutbook with his ID and password then go to Activity Log.

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I ran the report and you can get the Scout’s rank and award info - but not service hours, camping logs or hiking logs.

You are both correct except for one thing - Scoutbook does not automatically sync to Internet Advancement.

In the past - you could create an event in Scoutbook, mark it as a service event with the hours, take attendance at the event and it would be logged in Scoutbook. You could run report and it would have an individual record with the subject line of the event and the hours shown for each individual Scout. This was kept in the Scoutbook database.

The Now - Scoutbook syncs up to Internet Advancement for the awards, merit badges and ranks, however if we have a campout, hiking log or service event, we have to create an event in Scoutbook, put the hours of the event (in Scoutbook) abd then take attendance when at the event.

These records do not automatically carry over to internet advancement. The advancement chair has to go into internet advancement after the event is over, and create the event (Campout, hiking, or service) in internet advancement and choose the scouts that were there and define the hours spent. This is double work since it does not sync. Big problem.

The Scout in question has been in Scoutbook since 2015. There are Service Records in Scoutbook for this Scout that have shown over 2,000 service hours.

The registrar at Council says they cannot pull that information.

National says the registrar needs to submit a ticket for Scoutbook to get the info.

I am a Key 3 member for the Troop and have Key 3 access to internet advancement.

The one History report missing from Scoutbook is the activity logs.

Please advise as to what I can do next.



There are several misunderstandings here.

In the past - you could create an event in Scoutbook, mark it as a service event with the hours, take attendance at the event and it would be logged in Scoutbook.

  • Scoutbook never marked the activity logs in Scoutbook with service hours based on marking attendance in events in the Scoutbook calendar. That was always a second data-entry operation.

  • The logs which were previously entered in Scoutbook (i.e. prior to the move of the logs to IA2) were “ported” over to IA2 when the activity logs were moved originally. There were some hiccups at the time, but (at least for my unit) those were eventually resolved. The log reports were moved to IA2 at the same time, and should be reporting everything that’s in the log back to the beginning of what was added in Scoutbook. I’ve seen that for some of my scouts and adults, reflecting activities they did back to 2013 as cubs.

@NicholasCrnokrak As a Troop Admin in Scoutbook, something you could try is:

Export / Backup → Legacy Camping, Hiking, Long Cruise and … [Service Logs]

Then filter based on Log Type = Service and the individual.

This should give you access to the old legacy logs.

For the new logs, I think you would need to use the Activity Log Report, include adults, and sort by name.

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@NicholasCrnokrak - i would suggest walking back from the panic attack as the data still exists

Thank you all for the help. I will explore the options listed here.


The Scout BSA History Report should have everything in one place. Admins can pull it by BSA # and Last Name

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I’m not seeing 2,000 service hours for this particular Scout, so that is why I am thinking that a lot of the hours are in the legacy logs.

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