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Scout showing up in Scoutbook, can enter advancement there, but not Internet Adancement

@BRIANCOLTON - lets keep our fingers and toes crossed on this one. But it does seem to line up with the fact that the scout was universally locked out but the visibility in all sites looked normal.

i always like to go back and check that it indeed was removed. I think there is a save button toward the top of the record.

should sync from 3-4 CST

unfortunately, still the same issue. any other tips?

@BRIANCOLTON - oh that is frustrating. The member manager record still just shows the singular address then ? There is something in the person record I am reasonably convinced. Duplicate record, bad data, something is off on just that one scout.

correct, 2nd address is removed. i know we talked about involving the registrar @ my council, if that helps i can pursue it but when i started there it didn’t seem to go very far.

I would. There could be something else you aren’t seeing.

@BRIANCOLTON - yeah I know we did talk about that as being a less than productive effort. But it is something in the data that they can access. Cold it be something like he is set for both Cubs abd Scouts BSA at the same time ? I know scoutbook does not see him that way, but perhaps there is a flag or bit set where it should not be.

Reach out to Registrar (via email) in your council. Ask them to check for 2 addresses in his Scoutnet record. Have the 2nd one there removed, too. If the registrar isn’t sure how to do that, they can call the help desk.
Marian McQuaid, The Spirit of Adventure Council

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