Scout Unable to Access Account or Reset Password

Please help.

PID 137111392 UID 4040231 changed email addresses, and parent attempted to change youth email. Don’t know exactly what happened, but things are all messed up, and they cannot fix.

I will provide users current email address through DM, when someone responds.

In spite of instructions otherwise, Scout and parent created a new account, PID 133225292 UID 11826687 . Please obliterate this and any other extraneous accounts (I think they have tried the account re-creation process several times.)

Thanks in advance,

Scouter Rob

Well the second MID is from Cubs in a different council

@ScouterRob - do they want the gmail email or the .us email?

the .us email, please. Parent also just told me they deactivated the gmail account due to Google age restriction for accounts. I told them as long as they were monitoring the account, they could create the account with their b-day, but that hadn’t occurred to them. The gmail account is dead.

@ScouterRob OK those 2 SB Users are merged and email is correct - they have 2 different ways to login to Scout account - a log in - and the Direct Google Login is also turned on

OK, just curious, if the gmail account is dead, how will the Google login work?

no idea - just saying that Google login is on

Which shall I tell them to attempt log in with, full email address, or the first portion of email (all before the @) as username??

it is full username of gmail - so everything before the @

@DonovanMcNeil , also curious…are you able to tell if that old Cub ID is a current membership in ScoutNET? Because this Scout has been with us for over a year, and should not have a current membership in any other council.

no it is from last year and is closed - but the mother was attached and viewing THAT user not the one you had in unit

OK, to be fully clear on the account set up. His username will be firstnamelastname (no dot in between) because that was the old gmail account used, even though the gmail account has been deactivated.

And his email address is set in Scoutbook as the .us account?

Yes / Yes - on both items


Many thanks…Scout reports successful login!!!

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