Scout with active account not showing up on email page

We have a scout in our girls’ troop who has an active SB account, but is not showing up with the rest of her troop on the Email page in SB. Can someone figure out what is going on and fix it? 136856499 BSA ID
I’ve already called Council and they were unable to help.

Well the Scout has never logged in - has she been invited by parents?

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Her dad tried to invite her using Edit Extended Info page, but didn’t have the invite link and then realized she has an active SB login, so she does appear to have an account. What info can I provide to help you figure out why she isn’t showing up for you?

she does have an account - looks like set up for - but she has never logged into scoutbook

ok. we’ll try to have her log into SB using the credentials. Thanks.

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