Scout without Member ID in internet advancement


I have a scout that is listed in scoutbook but doesn’t have the ID listed in Internet Advancement.

We are getting an error that says (removed by Moderator) needs to be setup with advancement sync before you can approve any of his advancement. Any Key 3 Member or Admin can setup advancement sync for this scout from his account page.

My question is - where do I do that?

Context: I found this article but it shows clicking the scouts profile from scoutbook, but when I click that it takes me to Internet Advancement. I do see his ID correct in my.scouting.

We are trying to approve his advancement from the Scoutbook “needs approval” report.

Any help greatly appreciated!


Ed Kraay

@EdwardKraay - please do not use scout names… the bsa id is sufficient

@EdwardKraay What BSA member number do you see for the Scout at my.scouting?

(No names, please)

Thanks, I won’t use names again! It is: 134006659


The Scout and parent are fixed. I’ll send you a direct message with their login IDs. Click on your photo in the upper right corner of the forum window.