Scoutbook 2.0 - Adventure Completion Issue

I have a new Scout that is on all my rosters and registered. He just completed the Archery and Slingshot adventure and I’m trying to update his profile, but I’m getting a “Rank Not Found” error that is preventing me from updating it.

Has anyone had a similar issue and how did you overcome it?

@AdamDavis3 - is the scout in the proper den? I would also gather that the items were done at a council or district camp event.

Yes and Yes to all of the above.

@AdamDavis3 - what are your exact steps at Perhaps some screenshots and the scout bsa id.


Check that the Scout is on the 2024 version of the adventures. If they are try toggling the version.

Once I navigate to the Scouts profile, I open their Webelos rank tab and navigate to the Adventures. Then I’m opening Archery and I get 1 of 2 errors depending on which avenue.

If I just mark the overall completed field I get this:

Or if I try to mark individual requirements, I get this.

It also may be that the program is still recognizing Bobcat as a rank and that I can’t award it because he hasn’t completed that adventure.

@AdamDavis3 - bobcat was not required for earning adventures. It was however required for rank.

@AdamDavis3 have you tried quick entry? or tried the good old Shift + Refresh

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@AdamDavis3 try again please

I’m seeing the same error as well. If I get to the advancement page from the old Scoutbook, some Scouts’ adventures can be entered without issue, but newer Scouts cannot. I get the error below when trying to do a Quick Entry. This is also after a SHIFT+REFRESH.

Yes on both accounts. No difference.

On this rank failed issue - as a temp fix DEVs have said flip the rank versions a few times seems to make it work