Scoutbook account merge request

I have multiple accounts I would like merged together.

@ROYJOYNER1 are these BSA numbers or SB User IDs?

BSA numbers

Roy Joyner MM LPMT MT-BC

OK this is done @ROYJOYNER1

I’m a Scout leader in a Pack in charge of Scoutbook.

I have two members that would need to have their accounts merged:

  1. BSA ID 137403131 (Primary) and BSA ID 13870458
  2. BSA ID 137305620 (Primary) and BSA ID 137305635


@NicolasRietsch both of these are fixed

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That was quick! thank you very much

@NicolasRietsch quick cause you laid it out right - that second one has never logged in

I know. Told her not to.
Asked her to take the YPT and that would become the primary account.
Now that it’s merged, I invited her again.

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Can you also help me and merge 2 accounts for an adult leader?

BSA 110307445
BSA 13664643

I appreciate your help!

@AnnHyduchak this one is a little complex - and do not want to proceed till hearing from user - the old account has council level access - so we need to know what the user wants to do

No problem. We found this problem together last night when he said he couldn’t add events to the calendar. Please email him at (please don’t post personal info like emails - thanks)

Good morning.

I have another merge request :innocent:

12848049 (primary) with 110351844

Thank you very much

@NicolasRietsch ok this is fixed - they need to use their credentials

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I have a parent with two boys and there was a typo when the registrar entered the parent info. I need to have these two accounts merged:
BSA ID# 137341192
BSA ID# 137341209

Parent’s name is Erica and not Eria. Also the email associated with Erica has a 2 instead of @ in the email address.


@JohnLowen that is fixed

Thank you very much. That was quick!

I have a merge request for myself, as I apparently have two.

12520392 with 133731831

thank you,


@SteveMastny you need to talk to you council
12520392 - is deleted by council
1301596 - is marked DO NOT USE
5434707 - has not been used since 2002

They need to clean it up and figure it out first

OK, thank you for the information.