Scoutbook account needs to be reset

I have a Scoutmaster who says he can’t get into Scoutbook. He thinks that the fact that his wife had the same email address as he did has caused the problem but does not know how to fix this. He now has a different email address but still can’t get in The local council says they cannot fix this problem.

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The Scoutmaster is not particularly good with computers so I am asking for help. Can his account be reset? Thank you
Constance Cummings
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Everything looks fine with the account @ConstanceCummings - has he forgotten the password? can he get into

Is he able to log in at my.scouting?

His e-mail address is different from the one that you posted. Also, his mailing address does not match between the BSA’s systems (my.scouting and Scoutbook).

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