Scoutbook Account verse Email Included for Scout

I am a new member coordinator (Troop Level) and wanted to make sure I am able to talk about a Scout’s account in scoutbook correctly. I know that a parent can add a scout’s email to their records via the profile page and I know that a parent can request a scout have their own account so they can log in. Does a scout having their own account automatically add the email as well? Does it make sense to say, that we recommend a parent invites a scout to have their own account, but if they are not comfortable with that, they can just add the email so the scout atleast receives info about scouting events from the Troop?


Scouts do not get emails until they log in one time - thus verifying the email

So you are saying that even if the email is configured on the account, they will not receive email unless they have activated their account. So we should just ignore the ability to add the scouts email and only recommend that the parent invites the scout to an account? Thanks, Emily

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