Scoutbook after the Scout is 18

I added and corrected a scout’s record after he turned 18 regarding awards earned before he was 18. Scoutbook accepted those changes, I can generate a PDF with those corrections. Council is telling me that while I can see the changes, Council and National can’t.
Can that possibly be true? What would be the point of allowing me to make changes to the Scoutbook record if no one else sees the changes?
Thanks for any insight.

What is the Scout’s BSA member number?

I have to type 20 characters 132741442

One trick for that, @TomKeane, is to include the name of the person with whom you’re corresponding. For @JenniferOlinger, that gets you 75% of the way there by itself. :grinning:


Thanks! But “I have to type 20 characters” does the trick and can be interpreted as a mild criticism of Scoutbook, which can frustrate me greatly.

The 20 characters is a feature(bug?) of the Discourse discussion forum platform, rather than Scoutbook/BSA, as far as I know. I’ve encountered it in other Discourse forums in which I participate.

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I say ‘bug’ but thanks

@TomKeane Which specific items are missing?

If the scout is not currently registered then it would not sync to all the databases - as that is dependent on a valid registration

In this case, it might, because the unit is in the recharter grace period.

132741442 12/10/2019 Fire Safety

@TomKeane that is in the system councils use

Our Councils just merged and the person running the Eagle program is from the other Council so I don’t know how experienced she is. I have no doubt that she is caring, overworked and underpaid. She says that once the scout is 18 she is ‘locked out’ and can no longer see the profile to make the verification be done online through the verification system. Fortunately, even with what she can see, the scout is qualified to sit for his EBOR. I came to you because I could not believe that Scoutbook would be set up in a way that showed me the changes I made but did not show them to Council or Natl. So – if you can see the Fire Safety badge that she can’t, can you make a guess as to what she is doing wrong? If I can gently guide her to the right place, it would be much appreciated.

There are many ‘missing’ on the Profile Council can see but they are all in Scoutbook.

The Council needs to open a ticket with member care. It sounds like there may be an issue with the Eagle verification tool.

or one registrars access to scouts that were in other council

My understanding is that we are a new Council (but we still use my old Council’s #, 388.
So now I have to ask — Who are you guys (and girls?). I have to say that I was a bit apprehensive disclosing the scout’s PID without knowing that. Are you with Natl? I’ve never had a positive experience with Scoutbook before I started talking to you!
.and to be sure that I understand you, you all can see the Fire Safety Badge, even though my Council rep is somehow locked out, and in your experience, she should be able to see what you see, right?
I just want to be extra cautious before I start telling her how I think she should do her job.

@TomKeane We are volunteers for national BSA.

I would not recommend telling her how to do her job. What you could do is ask her to please check again. There was a recent issue, but I think it has been resolved.

Are you saying that you went in and fixed the problem? Wow! I came to the right place!!

No, we are not the developers. There was an issue with some advancements not syncing, but I think this issue has been resolved. You could ask her to please check again.

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