Scoutbook App not Syncing with Scoutbook Website for Scout

Advancements entered on Scoutbook Website are not visible on Scoutbook App. Perhaps a syncing problem with the App? BSA ID #14213368

There is no Scoutbook app? so not sure what you are talking about. Or do you mean the Scouting App?

Yes, I meant to type the Scouting App


What is missing in the App? @ThanyaLee

The Second Class Requirements have all been met and entered on the Website. You can see on the website that 95% of Second Class is done on the 2016 Version. All he needs is the Scoutmaster Conference, item 11 and Board of Review, item 12 on the 2016 version for Second Class.

For the Website the 2022-2023 version for Second Class resembles the Scouting App, with several items not marked off, and the Second Class only 14% complete on the App and the Website 2022-2023 Version.

Is it a Scoutbook version issue, can you please resolve. So the Second Class is 95% complete and visible on 2016 version, 2022-2023 version, and Scouting App. Thank you. Please let me know if you need screenshots?
@JenniferOlinger @DonovanMcNeil

The Scout should be working on the 22-23 version for all ranks at this point

@DonovanMcNeil Thank you. I see that there is a new requirement for 2022-2023 1b version that he needs to do. Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

yeah it is just a slight change from what I recall

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