Yellow triangle and no reports

So every person in our ScoutBook account, leaders and scouts alike, have yellow triangles only on the troop roster. I also cannot pull up any reports. When I click the reports button it says no reports available. Anyone else having this problem?

If you provide your bsa member number, we can look into this.

I am having similar issues; I got an error message (after it timed out) when trying to access reports.

When trying to select “Leader Approved” icon on the merit badge page, Scoutbook changes the counselors assignment to me (even though I am not the counselor for that MB), then marked the MB as “Counselor Approved.” The “Counselor Approved” button is nowhere to be seen.
BSA# 12266626

@AudreyWade what is the BSA # of the Scout you think this happened with - and what Merit Badge?

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(Name removed) BSA#137287329. His Communication MB was approved by Sandy Blunt, but has my name as “counselor approved” when I selected “leader approved.” Please see note at the bottom of this page. He also completed Art under Julie Moses that requires “Leader Approved” to be selected.

I got here because I am not able to access the “Needs Approval Report.”

When you say you are not able to access needs approval, what happens? Are you getting an error message?

Once the “Needs Approval Report” is selected, the “Loading” message comes on. After a while, a “error loading page” message came on. I cleared my cookies, and contacted the office and they did a deep sync on their end, neither actions resolved the issue. It occurred on different devices and browsers.

Can other unit admins see the Needs Approval report? It kinda sounds like a timeout error that was reported in another thread, which seems related to the size of the unit and/or number of items on the report.

@AudreyWade the needs approval is a system wide issue

Can you send a screen shot of communication like this?

Screen Shot 2021-10-10 at 12.03.00 PM

Thank you. As @CharleyHamilton mentioned, that confirms this is a known issue with needs approval. I wanted to make sure that was it as opposed to a different issue. Donovan is looking into the other issue as it seems related to something else that was reported recently.

@AudreyWade I have a guess at what is happening - but test server is down - system says that MBC never connected - so I do not see how it could have ever been filled in? we will test some scenarios

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