Scoutbook Bug? Permissions by Position not Inheriting for New Scouts in the Troop

A Committee Member registered in the Troop was attempting to send a message to all Unit Parents, but not all were showing available in the messaging roster that popped up.

We had the View Profile box checked for Committee Members in the Permissions by Position table.

When I investigated, through her actual connections through the Connections Manager, she, and all other registered Committee Members did not have a View Profile (yellow circle) permission setting, but only for all of our new Scouts who have just recently joined the Troop. That is, it appears that the permissions we had set did not inherit when new members were added to the roster.

I went back into Permissions by Positions table page, I hit the Update button, and then checked again in the Connections Manager page. All permissions were then fixed.

Please investigate this to see if this is a systemic issue that needs correction.


Scouter Rob

That is how it works - it is part of the Scoutbook Feature Extension - not Scoutbook

OK, Donovan, thanks!

And thanks for pushing this to the Feature Assistant page!

@GaryFeutz , is this a fix you could do to the Assistant? That is, automatically inherit permissions to new additions to the roster?

I do not think so - any extension takes a user action

@ScouterRob Donovan is correct. The extension can only simplify click and enter tasks. It lives on your browser and would have no clue what is happening within the Scoutbook database.

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