Scoutbook - cub missing

One of our cubs is not listed in the den on the den leaders account however the cub is in the den in the committee chairs account. The den leader can find her via her member number but she cannot pull her into her den in her account

It sounds like the DL is not Connected to the Scout - check the connections @DianaSmith

How do I check this?

I think I found it….

Is the DL a Den Admin? If Den Admin it makes connections alot easier as they should be automatic

She is a den leader admin.

Another issue is that I have a parent with me now who is trying to join and the platform is stalling out and will not allow her to complete her registration.

I was able to add the den leader connection but I can’t remove an a den leader that was automatically added.

Is the unit advancement chair connected to everyone?

It depends. If you go to my.scouting and use the Position Manager to designate a Unit Advancement Chair, that person will automatically become a unit Admin in Scoutbook the next day (after an overnight process runs).

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For the Den Leader, you could also try re-setting the Den Admin role. Here’s how:

  1. In Scoutbook go to the Pack Roster page.
  2. Click on the Den Leader’s name.
  3. Click on the Den Admin role.
  4. Click “Update” to save.

That should re-set the Den Admin’s connection to all Scouts in the den.

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