Scoutbook den error

I have a Scout that I’m not able to enter Advancement in for because I keep getting this error but she is absolutely in the correct den.

Youth is not eligible to earn this advancement and must be registered in the appropriate den level for this rank. Please click here to return to roster and assign to appropriate den.

It’s extremely frustrating just like everything to do with the new updates.

@StacyRodecap - what den is the scout in when you look at the roster and what advancement are you trying to enter ?

Webelos 6 just like the other AOLs. No one else is getting the same error message…

@StacyRodecap - what are you trying to record ? perhaps some screen shots ?

Actually, your question prompted me to go back in with a different angle, and I created a new arrow of light den and moved all the kids and deleted their old den and it seems to have fixed the problem.

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@StacyRodecap - excellent glad that worked

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