Scoutbook Email Fail

We use email blasts to our members thru Scoutbook. Problem is two new members are not getting them. They have been sent an invitation to connect with their Scout, and accepted it, but still cannot receive email through Scoutbook. This is a vital function of our Troop communication, and when new members are left off e blasts it is not welcoming to them. I have to foward each e blast through my own email to their email. Any ideas what is happeniing?

Thank you.

@DanielBreedon - how are these e blasts being done? The parent(s) do not have to accept the invite nor log in to be listed in the message system. So in looking at the roster then using the gear in the scout list to select show parents it shows them with what status.

Try this:

  1. Go to the Troop Roster page.
  2. Click on the Scout’s name to go to the Scout’s main page.
  3. Click on a parent’s name.
  4. Click Update to reset the parent’s connection to the Scout.

Repeat as necessary for the other parents who are not receiving e-mails from Scoutbook.

Also double-check their e-mail addresses to make sure they are correct.

Before we get too deep into trouble shooting, please answer these basic questions:

  1. Are you referring to calendar reminders or the “send message” feature?

  2. If the latter, do the parent show up on the send message page?

  1. Both.
  2. Yes.

I have double checked emails. Not sure it is relevant but they show up as pending

Thanks did as you suggested. Will see if it workd out.

If they show on the message list, you check their name, and they still don’t receive it, the issue is on the receiving end. Sounds like it is not getting through the spam filters. Which email provider are we talking about?

To know for sure send a message to them and yourself with bcc off. When you receive the email, you should see their name in the to field.

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The e blasts are sent via scoutbooks email to the Troops roster. The parents are listed there. I do.have a question though, how would they be in the system unless they were linked to a scout?

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