Scoutbook Email Toggle not Working

I have a few parents on my troop’s Scoutbook page who the screen says theyve opted out of email notifications out of Scoutbook but the individuals themselves never wanted that. When they go their profile to toggle them on, theyve either done it and it still does not work or the toggle is greyed out for them. How can i get this resolved?

@BrianWeston it is not in Edit Profile - go to Scoutbook > My Profile > Email > it is at top of page - I just tested and works fine for me

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Talking to one of them, it seems they are having trouble logging in. Email associated with their account is (removed by Moderator). i have tried several thongs but can’t seem to get it to go.

Other one says to have been able to toggle it but still not receiving emails. Her email is (removed by Moderator).

@BrianWeston For the first user, ask her to go to and use the chatbot (“Betty”) to reset her password using BSA 135823945. If the chatbot asks “Do you remember your security questions?”, she can say “No” to bypass.

For the second user, she is logging in to the Scoutbook mobile app, not Scoutbook. She needs to log in to Scoutbook at: After she logs in to Scoutbook, she should go to:

Administration → My Account → Email

and then she should be able to change the Messaging Opt-Out toggle.

I would also recommend that she contact the local council and ask them to use their Registrar Tools to look up her child (or children). In the Relationships tab / section, they should remove her as parent under her secondary BSA member ID number: 134610192. They should add her as parent under her primary BSA member ID number: 13021706. This will help to prevent future issues.

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Great news on the 2nd person, we got it to work!

The 1st person has not had the chance to try it yet. I will keep you posted on any outcomes.


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