Scoutbook emailing old member no longer on roster

Have an old member of Troop complaining that they are still getting the emails; however, they are not on the roster at all. Under ‘Send Message’, neither the parent, nor the Scout’s names are listed, so why are they still getting the emails? And how can we stop that from happening?

Do you have calendar reminders setup? These would still be sending messages if you did not remove the former member from the invite list.

There are 2 ways to clear up the list.

  1. edit each calendar item, selecting Invitees then saving the list. This will remove anyone not affiliated with the unit.
  2. using the Feature Assistant Extension for Chrome and Firefox, click the Add Invitees button on the calendar page. This will let you update the invite list for multiple events at one time.

Would going to the the Troop Roster and clicking on “clean old connections” help with this?

Clean Old Connections will break connections between Adults no longer associated with the unit and Scouts in the unit but it will not clean up the calendar reminders.

Thank you! I was surprised at how many old connections we had.

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