Scoutbook Error message - not able to find a Scoutbook profile linked to email

I received an error message when trying to log on to Scoutbook that an Scoutbook profile linked to my gmail account was not found. I have used the same gmail account since my son was a Tiger and he is now a Tenderfoot.

Is this a known issue and how do I fix it?


Did you set up “Sign in with Google” for your Scoutbook account, or are you just using the Gmail address as your username? The “Sign in with Google” is a comparatively new addition (relative to the time between being a Tiger and a Tenderfoot), so unless you specifically set it up, it’s not automatically enabled.

Part of the issue is you have 2 user names - a User name you used in 2022 and then your email sign in - you would NOT click sign in with Google - you would just enter your email address and password for Scoutbook @RachelMaloney

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Thank you, problem solved! I was signing in using Google. Will not make that mistake again.

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