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Scoutbook for Pack: Webelos II / AOL Crossed Over - how to stop sending them emails

We have advanced our cubs ranks in Scoutbook.
Webelos II (AOL) do not advance.
They have moved on from the pack but are still in Scoutbook and getting all of our emails that we send to the pack.

What are we supposed to do for Webelos II( AOL ) after they have moved on.
In the Scoutbook instructions it indicates they will timeout, however no timeframe given. Also, these families would prefer not to get our emails as to not get confused as to what they should be doing.

Thank you

Are these scouts that joined a troop? If so, check their membership. Do they have one for both the troop and pack? If so, put an end date on the pack one.

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Also make sure that the Scouts and parents are no longer listed as invitees on calendar events.

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You might want to follow up with the Troop they moved to and make sure they’re showing up there properly before you end their Pack membership and delete connections.

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