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ScoutBook/Internet Advancement not showing Life earned by Scout

Recently there was one scout in the troop which suddenly had 2 entries. One entry showed the ScoutID# xxxxxx559 which is the proper registration according to My.Scouting.Org Member Manager and what was just used for Internet Rechartering. Unfortunately, this entry only showed his advancement up through Star. The second entry showed the ScoutID# xxxxx339 which seems like a secondary account created by the Scout possibly. This second entry showed his advancement up through Life. Internet Advancement showed the same information for the 2 ScoutIDs at this time.

Last week on about 6 Jan 2021, our council registrar somehow merged the ScoutID# xxxxx339 into ScoutID# xxxxxx559 which only left ScoutID# xxxxxx559 showing in ScoutBook and Internet Advancement. Unfortunately, this ScoutID# still only shows his advancement up through Star in ScoutBook and in Internet Advancement as of today. The council registrar says that the ScoutNet record for ScoutID# xxxxxx559 properly shows his advancement up through Life as expected.

What can be done to correct what shows in ScoutBook and in Internet Advancement for ScoutID# xxxxxx559?


We need the full MIDs for the Scout in order to look up the record. We do not need any other information so it is safe to post them here.

The 2 ScoutID# involved are: 13624339 & 124311559.


I do see a Scoutbook account for the Scout was deleted on 1/5/21, however, both Member IDs are still active but the unit charter has not been processed for 2021.

I have requested advancement sync for the Scout from Akela back to Scoutbook, however, because the recharter has not been processed, this could fail. The next sync is scheduled for 3:00 PM Central today.

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No change as of this morning for what shows for this Scout in ScoutBook and Internet Advancement. The Troop’s recharter is in the council’s hands for over a month now and hopefully will be processed/posted soon. I guess that I will just have to wait until then unless you have other possible actions that can be done now.

Recharters cannot be posted until after the BSA runs their end of year processes. This year it was sometime last week. Councils should be starting to post the recharters for all of their units now.

At this point, I don’t have any other suggestions to get the advancement data pulled from Akela into Scoutbook.

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I have asked the developers to investigate why the advancement sync did not work and asked them to change the process so that it will work in cases like this where recharter is pending.

In Scoutbook, try un-approving the Scout’s Membership with your troop, then save. Wait a couple minutes then re-approve the Scout’s Membership. Sometimes, this will trigger the advancement sync process, although you might need to wait overnight to see any changes.

Another option might be to just mark the Scout’s Life rank as Completed and Approved in Scoutbook.

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