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When a new Scout joins our pack and applies, will they automatically get an invite to Scoutbook once we’ve accepted the app in and they appear in Scoutbook to assign to a den? Or is the only way they get an invite if I send it to them? We’re getting a few dual accounts and I’m wondering if it’s due to getting more than 1 invite.

Well Scouts do not get invites - parents get invites one you invite them

Sorry, yes, I know it’s the parents. Didn’t mean to cause confusion. The Scout’s app is accepted in, they populate over to scoutbook, I assign to a den and then I click “send invite” to the parent. Perfect. Just wanted to be sure I wasn’t double sending the invite causing confusion.

In that case, the parent who completed the online app will be able to log into scoutbook with the same username without being invited.

Thank you Jacob. I’m guessing some folks are not using their username/password they applied with and that could be causing the double accounts we’re seeing. I’ll reword our welcome email to cover this.

Or the other way. They did sign on with Apple or google and are now trying my.scouting and creating a new account.

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