Scoutbook invited me to be a leader 3x, when I said "ignore" it deleted my profile

I am a cubmaster for Pack 210 in Cape Fear Council. As I was reorganizing dens, I had to keep going back to my roster and it asked me to accept an invitation to be a leader each time, but got slower to process each time. Finally (since I had already accepted a number of times) I hit ignore. It deleted 2 of my children and access to my pack. Please help.
SB User ID:
BSA Member ID:


I have requested both a position and parent/child sync. Check back after 4:00 PM Central today.


I found 3 Scoutbook and IDs for you. One has a DOB with the year ending in 0, the other two with the year ending in 3. Which is correct?

You also have 3 IDs which need to be consolidated. I need to know which one to keep. Your name, your name ending in 1 or your e-mail address.

My birth year ends in 3. Please keep the profile with my name ending in 1

OK, give me a few minutes and I’ll have this cleaned up.


I sent you a private message because your DOB is still incorrect and we do not want it posted in a public forum. Click on the blue circle with white A in the upper right corner to respond to my message.


This is fixed.

Well, 2 of my three children are linked, but not my pack or my son that is in said pack. Should I give it until tomorrow?


This is because one of your sons is connected to you via the wrong BSA Member ID. You need to contact your council to have him moved as I indicated earlier.

Gotcha, I remember now. Thanks so much.


I requested another position sync. Everything looks correct so your CM position will hopefully sync overnight. Please check in the morning and let me know.

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