Scoutbook Issues AFTER clearing cache to enter in Adventures

I’m new to Scoutbook and using a Mac/Iphone. I’m not able to enter in the cub scouts Adventures as it reroutes my page to Internet Advancement for one of my sons in a different den (I’m entering for the Wolf Den and it sends me to a Tiger page). I’ve cleared my cache, logged out and in again, and used both my laptop and iPhone. I’ve searched this forum and cannot find this particular issue.
Thank you in advance for your help!

@TiffanyRicci Were you just approved as an adult leader? I would recommend waiting for the overnight membership sync to run.

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Thank you. I was approved last night and have tried again today, but maybe it needs a little more time.

@TiffanyRicci - what is listed in your positions in scoutbook? Also, what shows as your registered position in ?

@TiffanyRicci It looks like your pack added you as an Assistant Den Leader for a Wolf den. And it looks like you are connected to some of the Scouts in the Wolf den with Edit Advancement permissions. This should allow you to edit their advancements in Scoutbook.

What steps are you taking to try and edit their advancements?

In Scoutbook, I’m an Assistant Den Leader.
My registered position in is a Den Leader for our pack.

It must have needed a couple of days to adjust because now I can go in and add advancements. Wahoo!!! Thank you!

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