Scoutbook + Issues/Bugs


I’m having a few issues with entering advancements in Scoutbook Plus.

  1. Quick entry for den adventures isn’t working. It says it was successful but then when going back, the record isn’t there.

  2. When logged in as CC, I’m unable to approve my own child’s individual requirements. I can approve a whole adventure but not individual requirements. I know that parents are restricted but I confirmed I am logged in as CC so I should be able to mark off requirements.

  3. There is an issue with editing dens. Now that AOL is an option, I tried to simply change the Webelos “AOL” den to AOL and it kept giving me errors about SB user # already in den. I had to remove everyone from the den. Edit it and then move everyone back.

  4. Lastly, I read in another SB + update that it should default to the 2024 requirements but this is not the case. On most of the Scouts, I have to toggle from old (2022) to 2024 before I am able to input the requirements.

@AprilRivas 1. I have seen that but it was just a cache issue. You go back later or clear cache and it is there.
2. known issue
3. Seems like sometimes just making a new den is better
4. It all depends on what has been opened on the scouts before

I have seen the same issues.

I was able to work around #2, #3, and #4 but it was clunky to do so.

I received those errors but then waited a couple minute and logged off/back on. It had actually worked.

If you moved them up before Jun 1, they would have been set to the old version of AOL.

We just moved our dens up today (June 9). I can confirm that for a large number of my scouts, they’re defaulting to the 2022 requirements instead of 2024 for the new rank, but it doesn’t seem to be everyone.

@JennyDunn - most likely that they had things in progress in the prior version.

The way we do things, I’m not sure how any of them would have had anything “in progress” on the new ranks. They certainly didn’t have any requirements for their next rank checked off yet.

@JennyDunn - are you able to change the ones not on 2024 to the 2024 version ? I was thinking this was just the webelos to AOL. Is this universal through all dens ?