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Scoutbook leaders removed and unassociated with Scout

Thanks Charley, I’ll see what my Pack Committee comes back with, and relay the results back here.

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This is what I get. I am the advancement coordinator and went in to do things for the troop and was not in there and then when i went into positions, it said
Ended by SB-2882 clean up script that was run Apr 12 2021 11:21PM
Heather Harrison

@HeatherHarrison1 under your login and BSA # 12728227 - you are not registered at all. I would advise you to have a Key 3 look at my.scouting > roster to see if you are registered - as I do not see you as registered


According to Akela, the BSA’s person database, the MID you provided has never been registered. Prior to April 12, 2021, Scoutbook allowed unregistered individuals to appear on the unit roster. On April 12, 2021, any adult that is not registered was removed from the Scoutbook rosters. I also could not find another record for you searching by name.

Did you ever complete a BSA Adult Application? It appears to me that if you did turn in an adult application, it was never processed.

I was notified that our CC and DL for our Bear Den, was dropped as an inactive member. His number is 12945895. When the previous DE had him put in the system as the CC, it assigned him a different number. The old number was 13536308. The office admin had merged the two last November and he had been using the same log in with no issues but when he went in to enter some advancements recently, he found that he had been dropped. I tried to add him back through the den but it didn’t recognize his name, email or scouting number.

After emailing back and forth with the new council DE and office admin, she referred me to the scoutbook help page Adding Scouts and Leaders to Your Unit | Scoutbook Knowledge Base. From that I was able to add him back via the roster but showed pending with no email address and it wouldn’t let me add his email from before as it was being used on another account. He gave me another email to use so I sent the invitation and he said he used the email address and the passwords from the invitations but he’s getting an error to log in using his my.scouting.com user name and password. He tried to use the old one but it won’t work either.

I’m out of ideas…


I’m working on fixing this for you.

This is fixed. User needs to log in with his my.scouting.org ID Randybeauchamp

Thank you - I will give that a shot:), Okay, now I’m in as a member but still can’t go into other scouts to work on advancement. We also have AOL’s that just crossed over that I need to add. Both the scout master and asst scout master said they are unable to get in me as Troop admin that it won’t let them. PLEASE HELP.

Hey Ed, I did fill in the form and provided it to our Committee Chair. Following up via email afterwards I was also informed that it had been submitted to Council. That said, I believe my Pack Committee is following up with Council as they are also not finding my info to add me back.

Thanks everyone for the assist, I will report back here once I know more, in case it can help others.

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