Scoutbook login for leader

One of our leaders cannot access scoutbook. She had the system sends an email to reset the password and when she clicks on that, it tells her the token has expired (when it has been under 24 hours). She can’t post here herself because, well, she can’t log into scoutbook. Any suggestions?

Have her try logging into first.

Also, what’s her member number (no names)?

@RebeccaMakowski. Is she using the chatbot (“Betty”) at my.Scouting to try to reset her password?

I’ll have her try at first

Member Id 13497862

The only thing odd I see about the account is that both mom and dad have the same email address. That’s not supposed be an issue, though. So, definitely try what Jennifer and I suggested.

The screen shot is from The expired token seems like a stale session. In general password reset tokens are good for an hour. @RebeccaMakowski

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