Scoutbook MB Counselor Position Missing

I am a merit badge counselor for multiple merits badges in the WNY Scouting Council.

Since the council merger took place I am unable to see any of my merit badge information in Scoutbook (both the app and online).

I’ve reached out to the local council and confirmed that all of my paperwork is in order and everything looks good. I uninstalled and reinstalled the application, cleared cache and cookies in browser and even did all of my online trainings again, all with no fix in sight.

The local council sent a ticket in for support, I tried to report an issue in the app only to get a message that I had to email support and I emailed support multiple times since May 4th.

To date I have received ZERO responses from anyone associated with support or to tell me what the problem is.

I’ve also had several troops report that I show only as an adult leader in Scoutbook and not a merit badge counselor.

I need to get this resolved ASAP!!

@JohnSwan Council needs to ADD your MBs you council to your account. Right now you have none.

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