Scoutbook MBC detailed download needs to export additional fields

It would be handy if the detailed merit badge counselor export from Scoutbook included all the available fields. It is currently missing at least the address and phone fields which would be very helpful. It is also missing the middle name which is confusing for some who use their middle, rather than first name as their preferred name.

Is there any way to get these added to the detailed export?

The file that Council Admins can download from Scoutbook is not intended for distribution. It is only to allow Council Admins to see what MBs a Counselor counsels and in the case of the details file, how the listing preferences are set.

Contact information for Merit Badge Counselors is available from a new Merit Badge Counselor Report available to individuals with Council and District level access in

I’m not intending to distribute it, I’m looking to audit it and to use it to contact those who show up there but not in ScoutNet / my.scouting.

I’m a “council committee member” and my functional position is “council advancement committee member” (at least that’s what it says when I look at my profile in my.scouting) but I see no such report. Neither does our council registrar nor our director of support services.

Can you give me a URL to the my.scouting report or the menu path to get there?

Even if we can get this report, it still creates an issue because the ScoutNet/my.scouting info and that in ScoutBook are not synced correctly. I need to know what ScoutBook is telling people. They clearly have the info, why not just put it in the detail file? Is that so hard? What’s the harm in putting this info in the report?

@JamesBrown13 it is available at My.Scouting.

Once logged into My.Scouting, from the menu at the District or Council level select “Roster.”

From there, select “Reports” from the menu or from the navigation bar on the left side.

From there, scroll down to find the report highlighted here

I don’t know what roles/positions registered with District and Council have access to this report (but there is definite proper roles to have access).

Hope this helps!


Definitely helps. I don’t have access to that. I don’t even have a ‘[name] council’ tab on the menu. I’ll pass it on to my council staff and see if they can run it, or better yet, get me access to it.

Can you tell me what the columns / headings are on that report?

Looks like a new report. It’s available district level too.

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I just looked, I promise it isn’t there.

Any idea what rights / roles are required to view it?

I suspect I see it as a commissioner. None of my unit roles would be in play and I suspect a District Member at Large wouldn’t have access. So one or both of Unit Commissioner and Assistant District Commissioner in my case. My guess is Key 3 and Key 3 delegates as well. I’d think Council Advancement Committee Member would do it, but if you just had that added, sometimes it takes overnight for those to take effect or there’s a bug or oversight.

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I’ve been “council advancement committee” for months, it’s not anything new so that’s not the issue.

I’ve got my council staff working on it. We’ll see what they come up with. If they can’t figure it out, I’ll probably come back here for help again. Seems to be a better resource than whatever they have access to. I tend to get better and faster answers here than what they find.

@JamesBrown13 there are “functional” roles at Council level that have to be assigned just like in a unit (such as advancement chair and training chair). Often having these correct designations in My.Scouting unlocks this additional functionality. I don’t have a guide, however, to map registered or functional roles with the reports made available in My.Scouting. I am certain your Council professional staff will have success if they submit a ticket through their help desk to ask what roles are required to access that report.

ETA: this is a fairly new report (within the past month) and sometimes these reports take some time to work on the kinks with security rights for which roles see the report.

My current functional role, see above, is council advancement committee member so I would hope that would get you the list since, you know, the CAC is in charge of that and all.

As you say, it takes time for them to get this right for some unknown reason. Hopefully it will get fixed and I’ll have access. Until then I’ve asked the council staff to run the report based on your excellent instructions (they couldn’t find it before).


Your registration issue is a my.Scouting tools issue, not a Scoutbook issue. It would have been nice if your registration issue had its own discussion topic, I have opened a new discussion focusing on this issue at: