Scoutbook Send Message Freezes during PDF Upload

Not sure what has changed, but Scoutbook “Send Message” now freezes when send begins a PDF attachment and he upload is anywhere between 85% to 94% upload completed. Never had an issue before sending out our weekly Troop newsletter and this one is relatively small at 997 KB.

Is this with a particular browser or have you tried multiple. Do you have any extensions on? Maybe try an incognito window?

Hi Jacob,
No real changes to my system – Running Google Chrome Browser with Windows 10. Several extensions running, but no change when I turn them all off and restart the browser. Also cache is cleared and I have 32 Mb of RAM going.

On an additional try using your idea of an “incognito” window, it worked fine. One interesting thing though - when using incognito, only the option for BCC shows up - nothing for YPT, save for another message, etc. showed up at all in the options. Wierd!



The other options come from the Feature Assistant Extension for Scoutbook. By default, extensions are off in incognito mode.

Thanks Ed! That makes sense. I’ve used the extension for so long I forget what is native and what are “extension” features!

A new extension release was just issued that fixes this issue

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Thanks Gary! We all really appreciate your work with the Feature Extension!

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