Scoutbook - More than one account


 Waiting on my District to fix my Scoutbook issue.  Rumor has it I have more than one Soutbook account (not sure why) but I need them merged.  Is there a point of contact that I can reach out to at BSA to get this done a little quicker?

Thanks ahead of time,


@RobertHoffman what makes you think you have 2?

I found 3 BSA member numbers for him. Looks like his BSA numbers got switched.

I found 2 - cleaning it up now

Search by e-mail and there are 3.

@RobertHoffman this is all cleaned up for you

Thank you very much. I still don’t show up as the Pack’s committee chair and I’m not linked to any of the Scouts. Is there more I need to do on my end?

@RobertHoffman We requested a position sync, but it won’t take effect until later this afternoon.

Great, thank you all VERY much.

Can you help me out too? 13998759 and 13943110 are the same person, but one shows up on my roster as a yellow warning sign.

@LARRYFEWINS-BLISS we will look at it

@LARRYFEWINS-BLISS please check those numbers

13998759 - Committee Member registration
13943110 - Tiger Adult Partner registration

@LARRYFEWINS-BLISS I have set 13998759 as “primary”, but you need to ask your local council to put the Tiger Adult Partner registration under 13998759.

thanks. I sent an email to my DE asking him to send it to council for them to combine. Thanks for your help

This has impacted me as well. I have 3 different accounts which happened when I moved from
NC to AZ.

No one seems to know how to get it fixed. I just need the 13953442 active the other two can be removed.

@JeremySimon we will look at this

@JeremySimon are you sure the #2 in the image is you? DOB is very different

@JeremySimon this is all fixed

Yes that’s me in the #2 as well. Thank you so much!

I have 2 accounts as well in Scoutbook. Both under Carmon Harwood. I have scouts in troop 1 amd troop 73. What do I need to do to merge them?