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Scoutbook New Account Login problem

I have a scout parent that I’m trying to get connected for the first time. She receives the email invite but when trying to login, gets the following error: “Invalid Login/Password.” I’ve tried resetting the password as well but with no success. The scout is new to scouting and should have no other scoutbook connections. Any help would be appreciated.

PS: Does the parent need to create a my.scouting.org account?

Likely, the parent already has an account under the email address they provided on the new scout application, assuming the scout was added via the sync from your official roster, rather than manually adding the scout to your roster from within Scoutbook

Did you set up the parent account, or did you search for it using the parent’s email address in the scout’s Add Connection interface? The parent should be able to connect to their account by using the email address they put on the new scout application and the Forgot Password button at the login page of scoutbook.scouting.org. I would not recommend creating an account at my.scouting, since that might end up creating a new “person record” rather than properly linking them to the existing record already in the system.

The roster was created from the official scout net roster. i searched for the parent using her email address. The scout wasn’t a cub scout, so I don’t see how she could have had another account. Any other way to reset this?

I understand this to mean that the roster was created/updated via the automatic sync, rather than manually.

Hrm, that sounds like you’re finding the correct account, then. Is the parent using her full email address and trying the “forgot password” button? I’ve had parents successfully reset their password this way many times before. I understand others have had success getting it to “create” a password for them on a new account (i.e. one to which they had not previously connected).

I tend to agree. I’ve had enough"duplicate" accounts get created through various processes (manual and semi-automated), though, that I’m now rather suspicious of this occurring each time someone has account problems.

Perhaps one if the @suacadmin folks could take look to see if they can identify any issues that might be generating the problems.

Thanks, Charley. You did interpret everything correctly. I even tried to reset the password myself and have the parent send me the resulting email. I couldn’t login. Please help @suacadmin!

I’m still having this problem. Please help @suacadmin! Thank you

@GoodloeWhite I will send you a direct message > look at top right Avatar to find it - it will be a private message channel with select members of the Scoutbook User Advisory Council (SUAC)

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