Scoutbook not syncing activities with Internet Advancement portal

My understanding is that events on the scoutbook calendar should show up in the internet advancement portal. We had a service project scheduled for today and I’m trying to add the service hours for the scouts. However, the event isn’t showing up in the internet advancement website, despite being in scoutbook. Any ideas?

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The Scoutbook calendar is not linked to Internet Advancement.

That would be super helpful if it was. Any plans to fix this in the future?

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In the future, yes. Although, I can’t guarantee it’ll have the benefits you’re hoping for.

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Hi, is there a status update on the Scoutbook event sync to IA? It would also be helpful for leaders to be able to delete activities that are created in error (i.e. a parent adding camping nights in duplicate the troop entry). Don’t want to beat the same drum everyone’s tired of hearing, but we’re all wearing many hats and are stretched for time. Recording activities for events already in Scoutbook is frustrating.

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There is no update on the status of this.

Frustrating is a kind word for it.


Any updates on this topic yet?

No linkage between the activity logs and the Scoutbook calendar has been implemented in the production servers.

As a general comment, the way that updates/changes to Scoutbook, IA2 and the mobile app are announced is via the change logs. There’s a post here that describes how to subscribe to the change logs so users can stay on top of changes to the way that the platforms work. The change logs include both bug fixes and changed features. There are a lot of threads, both current and old, where features are requested or bugs are reported. It’s not feasible for the SUAC folks to identify and respond to each of those threads. The best way I have found as a user to see what’s been done is to follow the change logs. Subscribing even gets you an email when the change logs are updated, which occurs on a fairely regular schedule.

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Thank you!

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