Scoutbook Pack Roster not matching Dens

Our pack 295 has transitioned to new leadership. Scoutbook shows all of the new leadership and our current positions, but old leadership is listed as account admins and they have moved on to a troop. How do we get the new leadership to match up to dens and get some of us added as admins?

Your CM, CC and COR should all automatically be appearing as Scoutbook admins. If they aren’t, can you post their BSA ID numbers (no names please!) and the volunteers with the Scoutbook User Advisory Council may be able to help with diagnosis. The Key 3 can also assign Key 3 Delegates in the Roster Manager at under the unit, and those delegates similarly become Unit Admins in Scoutbook about a day or so after they are assigned at my.scouting…

In addition, anyone who is a Unit Admin/Key 3/Key 3 delegate can set end dates on the prior unit admins. They can similarly assign scouts and DLs/ADLs to dens.

There’s a series of how-to videos at for units.

Our CC I believe is handling admin type stuff and they are still showing as Pending

I am showing as the Webelo den leader on the roster but when I go into my Den, the previous leader is shown there instead.

Your Committee Chair looks OK (I don’t see any duplicate account issues). It looks like she has logged in at my.scouting, but not at Scoutbook.

If you ask her to go to Scoutbook at:

And log in with her my.scouting user name and password, she should be able to log in.

In Scoutbook, she can go to the Pack Roster page, click on the name of any adult leaders who are no longer with the pack, click on their position / role, and add an end date.

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