Scoutbook Password Reset Not Working

Good evening,
I’ve been locked out of Scoutbook and trying to reset my password for several days. I get the link to reset password, but when I click on that link, it never loads the security questions, the wheel just spins for hours. The bot on my.scouting didn’t help, it just keeps telling me to answer the security questions. My member # is 136167118. Anyone know how to get around this so I can reset the password? Thank you in advance. Erica Beck

on the Bot tell it you do not know the security questions - you can get around them

I am not sure if this might be part of your issues or not, but you appear to have 2 different zip codes associated with your BSA member number.

i think it does ask for Zip code

Thank you! That seems to have worked. I’ll go and try and fix the zip code problem now that I’m in!

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