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Scoutbook Password

I am trying to onboard our Pack (please send help…) and I have invited parents. The invite sends a temporary password, but the password is only 5 characters long. When the parents try to login, they get an error that the password needs to be 6 characters long. Any suggestions?

@KirstenPalfreyman - would you happen to have a screenshot of on the invite messages with the password? It as been a while since I have seen one but I recall it was 6 characters.

They could try the reset password link

Tried that. Now it says they have to call the help desk and nothing else works.

Thank you,
Kirsten Palfreyman
Pack 935 Committee Chair

Could you forward the invitation email with 5 digits to and post the ticket number back here?

You posted in the Scouting App thread. Are you having trouble with the app or Scoutbook web site?

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