Scoutbook placed me in a different council I am not registered in

I am the Skipper of two ships in two different councils. My Primary registration is as Skipper of Ship 1908 in Northern New Jersey Council. I have a multiple registration as Skipper on Ship 228 in Patriots Path Council. As of yesterday morning I had access to both Ship’s advancement records on Scoutbook. Last night at our meeting I tried to log in and it is connecting my profile to Greater New York Council of which I have no affiliation. How can my Scoutbook profile go back to showing my NNJC and PPC units so I can put in sign offs and approve them?

Are you only showing the correct registrations when you log in at my.scouting, or do you have an erroneous registration there, too?

No none of my correct registrations are showing up. It’s an erroneous registration from Greater New York Council.

If none of the correct registrations are showing up in my.scouting, it sounds like something fouled your registration altogether (almost like a transfer application).

If you post your correct BSA ID number (and if it doesn’t match, the one listed in your erroneous account), the SUAC folks may be able to help you figure out what’s going on, if not get it fixed.

@DavidTarantino I have merged your Scoutbook accounts.

Thank you! Much appreciated!

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