Scoutbook Plus Autoselects Aug 31st

Scoutbook Plus auto-select August 31st. The system should auto-select the current date.

@RyanHendrickson - i seem to recall that 8/31 was the date certain for the end of the prior cub adventure entry period. After that date it is all 2024 only.

I’m not seeing that behavior. What are you marking complete?

This behavior is exists anywhere you need to put a date in for a requirement that you haven’t yet put a date in. For example:

No dates have been selected yet:

I click the date box and I get August 31st as the default:

Happens every time.

I tried several more scenarios and still could not reproduce. Could you try an incognito window or even a different device?

This is an incognito window:

Chrome Version 125.0.6422.113 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Can you try a completely different device?

My Scoutbook also auto-selects Aug 31 as the date for any entry.

@RyanHendrickson , @AshleyHendrickson - here is what I get when i click on the calendar icon in an adventure req.

I have tried numerous times and can not replicate the date issue. I have even tried on mobile and i only get the current date.

@RyanHendrickson - and you are in What OS are you running ? I would also suggest a different browser.


The examples you posted are from the previous adventure versions. Have all cases you have seen been on the old versions?


I have duplicated this issue on the previous adventure versions and reported it to the developers.

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Yes, they have all been adventures that were completed in the 2023-24 program year ending on May 31st.

Testing some more cases… The Pack was advanced between yesterday and today.

Viewing a recently advanced Webelos Scout:

This doesn’t seem to have the new requirements listed. Bug? Or scheduled release for the 2024-25 Rank Versions?

Clicking on Cast Iron Chef and selecting a date, I get Aug 31

Clicking on Webelos Walkabout and selecting a date, I get June 4th (today)

The old webelos adventures are in this member’s profile: 13987967
The new webelos adventures are in this member’s profile: 14413989

They are members of the same Den.

From 14413989:

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