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Who can I contact to get my position updated?

I have been an active Den Leader since the start of October and My position is still not up to date in my Scouting / Scoutbook. I cannot do any advancement/awards for my Den and I’m getting very Frustrated with it.


I will look into this.

If you post your BSA ID, some of the SUAC folks might be able to assist in locating your record, in case you were registered under a different BSA ID. That happens from time-to-time due to various communication factors.

I would start with your Unit Key 3 (CM, CC, COR) to verify that they have submitted your adult application to the council, and if so when. If not, you will need to complete an adult application and get that submitted to your council. If you already have a BSA ID associated with your my.scouting.org account (i.e. the one on which you took your YPT), I would include that on the bottom of the adult application so that the registrar knows to look for that BSA ID, so that you don’t end up having a duplicate account.

If the registrar says they have no record of the application, I would start over with a new one. Whomever paid for the application the first time should have a copy of a cancelled check or other payment so that you don’t end up paying twice.


The BSA Member ID (MID) associated with your Scoutbook account is not registered. I was not able to find any other MID for you in your Council. You will need to contact your Council to find out why your registration has not been processed.

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