Scoutbook-related errors in 2021 Guide to Advancement

Not really the best forum for reporting these, I suspect, but just glancing through the revised 2021 Guide to Advancement Section 6 revealed a number of errors that likely need urgent correction: Second paragraph: Incorrect URLs are used for Scoutbook, and IA2.

There are three methods for reporting advancement to the National BSA database: (1) enter data directly into Scoutbook (; (2) upload data into Internet Advancement ( from third-party advancement software, or (3) enter the data manually into Internet Advancement ( Second through fourth paragraphs: Incorrect URLs used for Scoutbook and IA2:

Units may choose to use Internet Advancement ( to either upload advancement files from many third-party advancement software programs or enter
the information manually.

When a unit uses Scoutbook ( to record its advancement, awards, and other Scout-level information, the data is automatically saved in BSA’s offcial database.

Questions about entering or uploading data using either internet portal may be directed to appropriate council-level staff or

Not sure if anyone else has noticed errors that should be reported. I have already sent these to the Advancement Team email for correction.

Those are just dated from when it was sent to editor - who dragged their feet about a year. But noted.


The error is not to bad because it redirects to the correct address. The other errors need to be fixed or it will cause confusion for those who are not really knowledgeable about all the different bsa online systems.

I agree. It is an easy fix. Replacement pdf page for chapter 6 and correct links on the online version.

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This has been corrected.