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Scoutbook Report Builder shows scout twice

We have a scout in a Troop and a Crew in SB. When we include that scout in Report Builder it lists him twice in the report. The problem is that every scout list to the right side of the scout in the report has their rank requirement data lined up under the scout on their left so that the reported info is not accurate for those scouts listed to the right side of this particular scout in two units. If I remove this one scout from the report everything is accurate in the report. I think this is a programming issue?


I have partially duplicated this with one of my own Scouts. I see her listed multiple times but the data is properly aligned. I have reported this to the developers.

Would it be helpful if I download the report and email the file to someone? They would need to be able see our actual SB data in order to compare it to my report. Also this happens in multiple browsers.

Let’s wait to see what the developers find. They may be able to fix it with just the information I have provided from my own troop.

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